Be Thankful

“Rejoice always! Pray Constantly. Give thanks in everything, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow….(YUMMY!) I am finding myself thinking a lot about being Thankful. This is the first Holiday I am going to be by myself for the majority of the day… I was really letting myself get down about this at first but then I began thinking that.. I am so not even close to being alone. I can choose to have a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving and spend it with God, who is the one person that I am most Thankful for. How cool is that??

Even though the circumstance is not exactly what I would have chosen for Thanksgiving, God is still good and He is still here with me…. no matter what.

This is really the point that hit me and really ministered to me personally. No matter what our current situation or circumstance is God is the same. The circumstance that we are in may make us sad or unhappy, BUT if we choose to not let it, it doesn’t have to take away our Joy. Our happiness comes from the world and things in it but our Joy comes from the Lord! Our circumstance can change every day, hour or even minute and that can definitely affect our mood if we are not focusing on God and our emotions will be all over the place…(trust me I lived like this for many years and I was a HOT MESS!) . BUT our Joy comes from God and Hebrews 13:8 tells us that God is the same YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER.!  So because God never changes our Joy will always remain if we are keeping our eyes fixed on God. That to me is really great news.
So no matter what your current situation is I want to encourage you to focus on God, lean on Him for strength, and don’t let the world or temporary circumstances steal Your Joy! You can be Joyful and Thankful in the midst of anything!So this year I am most thankful that I have a God that never changes…

Blessings ❤ Ashley

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