Chasing Doors

Until God Opens the next door, Praise Him in the room you’re in. 

Interesting. Random thought that I had today.I was just thinking about what we expect of God once we FINALLY decide to walk through the door He is showing us. The door could be something we want to do or something we don’t really want to do but feel like we need to do. Normally if it is something we want to do we are A LOT quicker to walk through that door.. at least I know that is how I am. Like I need 22 signs, the clouds to magically shape themselves into the word “yes” or something crazy like that for me to finally decided to walk through a door I don’t really wanna go through. Either way it seems that once we walk through that door we are immediately looking for the next door and trying to figure EVERYTHING out. We don’t walk in our house and run like a crazy person to all of the different rooms, so why do we do this with God? It takes us four forever’s to finally go through the door He is showing us, yet we expect Him to immediately not only show us but also open the next door. What if He has something for you to enjoy right in the room you are in? Maybe it seems quiet in there and it has for a while but maybe that is a room of rest that He is giving to you because the next door that He opens is going to be a very busy time for you? Maybe we are in a room that seems really hard and uncomfortable and we almost feel claustrophobic, but maybe He is using that room to press us, and shape us, and mold us into who He created us to be so we can continue on in the journey….Maybe the room you are in right now isn’t where you want to be. Maybe it is. Maybe it is lonely. Maybe it is uncomfortable.. Maybe it is the most exciting room you have ever been in.. whichever room you may be in we can always trust and know that we are there because that is where God wants us to be. We can ALWAYS know that whatever room we may be in, He is with us. Maybe it is time to stop running around like crazies and just enjoy where we are at and the journey He has us on. Maybe it is time to trust.
❤ Ashley

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