Freely Come

This morning I was reading in the book of Leviticus. Before we continue and you think I am some kind of bible scholar who daily studies the Old Testament… I started a 2 year through the Bible reading plan in January… which is why I found myself in the book of Leviticus today. I started this plan to help me focus on these books that I naturally wouldn’t rush too to read πŸ™‚ Moving on…

I am in the very beginning of the book still and we just came out of Exodus where the temple was built and now the Lord is telling Moses how to instruct the people of Israel in the proper procedures for offerings. There are burnt offerings, grain offerings, peace offerings, sin offerings, then it goes on to list what sins require a sin offering, what sins require a guilt offering and on.. and on… To be honest with you all, at first I just skipped over these chapters due to A: it being kind of boring and B: all of the different slaughtering of animals and what organs and body parts of them to burn, what blood to splash where… and you see my point. But this morning as I was going back through this section of Scripture I couldn’t stop reading it and hearing the Lord speak to my spirit the words “Freely Come.”

I was overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed by what Jesus did for us on the cross all over again. He made a way for us to be able to Freely Come. He made a way for us to come boldly into the presence of God! (Heb 4:16) He made a way for our sins to be forgiven. We don’t have to bring a cow, 2 turtle doves or cook bread without yeast … we just simply come. Jesus was the final offering for sin. My sin and your sin.

The question that I can’t seem to shake this morning is “What is your excuse?” Moses, Aaron, the priest & Israelites that I am reading about had so many different “things” and “rules” that they had to follow to get what the blood of Jesus has offered us freely… The forgiveness of sins, the presence of God, the love of God, the peace of God… and yet we still don’t come. Why? Are we just too busy?

This morning I challenge you, take a moment today and tomorrow and make it a habit to Freely Come and spend time with our Savior. We don’t have to bring Him anything. We don’t have to “Fix” whatever issue we think is too great for Him before we come. We don’t have to kick that habit or sin before we come… we just come.. freely. We come with everything we are, everything we have, everything we have done.. good and bad. We just come and meet with Him. Is there repentance of sin… yes. Is there a time to confess what is in our hearts… yes. But if we could just get ourselves to the point of “Freely Coming” into His presence I believe that once we are there in His presence experiencing His love and peace that can only come from Him… those things will naturally begin to flow from our hearts because we are allowing Him to change us. So let’s not miss this. Let’s not miss out on what is offered to us Freely. He has provided us an open door to walk through at any moment. There is no veil stopping us or limiting us to how far we can come. He already tore that. There is no offering that we need to bring. He already was that. There is just Him waiting on us to come… Freely. Let’s start today and just see what change it could have in our lives.

And also.. can we just take a moment to praise Him that we can eat bread with yeast in it all the time! πŸ™‚

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