*** This was a post that I was blessed to write for a wonderful ministries a few years ago! I am hoping to write part 2 of this very soon.

Not even sure what that feels like anymore. How did I get here? When did I become 31? Why am I the only one of my friends not married? Why don’t I have a family? Why am I not in my dream job living out the purpose that God had created me to live? I moved away, followed God, I didn’t party, I tried to be perfect, I tried to get everything right so God would see me and know I was faithful and ready to fulfill the calling that he had placed on my life!! Now I sit here, behind this same desk for the past 5 years, mindlessly scrolling through Facebook wondering “when is it going to be my turn to hide my elf on a shelf for my kids?” “When do I get to change my status to “Engaged”, when does the life that God promised happen? WHEN?? Have you been at the point in your life where you can’t breathe and lose sleep and think to yourself “I just can’t do this one more day.. not again.” I have. I am there. At that place where you just want out. At that place where you want to un-friend the next person who posts an “I LOVE MY PERFECT LIFE” status. Yes, that is me. That is where I am at. So what now. What do you do when you feel like you have held up your end of the deal but God has totally forgotten about you? You stay hopeful. You remind yourself that God has not forgotten me. You tell yourself that each and every day is a gift from the Lord. You learn to enjoy the little things in life.. You become thankful for the season that you are in. You learn to enjoy life. You spend time with God. You gain an understanding that God loves you unconditionally. You begin to understand that you are where you are because that is right where He intends for you to be at this moment. You stop living life with a rain cloud over your head and open your eyes to see the gift of each moment. I can’t help but wonder how many gifts from the Lord I have missed because I am sad, unfulfilled, hopeless, restless, wanting more… I can go on. I want to encourage you, and myself today, that God has not forgotten about you. That He loves you unconditionally. That there is nothing that you could do to make Him love you less or more. Let’s stop letting that little rain cloud of hopelessness steal the gift of today that God is giving us. Collapse that little cute umbrella of yours and if you still don’t feel the sun shinning, learn to sing and dance in the rain.. 

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