Is God Still Good?

Our front yard has always been one of my favorite things about our house. It’s so beautiful. Our house sits back a ways off the road, there is a huge weeping willow tree, across the street, there is a beautiful white fence with horses and a barn, the sun comes up perfectly there, the snow covers it beautifully… it’s just beautiful. I remember sitting on that front porch before we even bought that house and looking at that front yard, dreaming about all of the life we would live there.

This morning as I sat on our couch looking out the window, there now sits a “coming soon” sign in our beautiful yard. That sign represents so much excitement in my heart about the future and our new home we are soon moving too. But that sign also represents dreams that are now gone. I always saw our children playing in that huge yard, sitting on our ugly living room carpet (if you know, you know!) I always thought I would have pictures to show them when they got old enough of Mommy & Daddy’s first house and that they would be a part of those pictures. But, now if my calculations are correct, there is no possible way for that to happen. Why God? I prayed for that. I asked you for that. Why didn’t you do it? Questions. I do have questions.

I wish I could sit here and tell you that my faith is so strong that I don’t ever question Him. I know that I say to myself that He is sovereign and His plans are the very best plans for my life! I DO know that to be true. I DO believe that 100% with my whole being. But, I still sometimes ask Him questions… and you know what I don’t think He is mad or disappointed at me for doing that one bit. Even in my asking I know He is still good. Even in my questioning I know He still loves me and knows exactly what He is doing in my life.

Maybe today you are not moving from your house and leaving behind dreams that didn’t come true. Maybe it’s a diagnosis, maybe it’s an unexpected death, maybe it’s the loss of a job, maybe it’s hurt, maybe it’s your past, maybe it’s plans that you had for your life that never happened or haven’t happened yet. Maybe it is a dream that you are going to have to lay down like me… but you know what He IS still good.

Gosh, I sure know that is hard to say, hear and believe in the midst of some of the challenges in our life. But I also know it to be true. I know that His Word tells me that He will NEVER leave me or forsake me ( Deut 31:6) and I believe it. I know His Word tells me that He has GOOD plans for my future (Jer 29:11) and I believe it. I know that when I feel like I have failed to many times, or messed up too much that His Word tells me that He has removed my sins as far as the east is from the west (Ps 103:12) and I believe it. I know that when I feel like I have no more Hope that His Word tells me I have a Strong and Trustworthy anchor of Hope for my soul (Heb 6:19) and I believe it. Do you believe it too?

I am sorry for the pain, the hopelessness, the frustration or loneliness you may feel today. I am sorry for whatever dream you may have had to lay down in your life. I get it. I am laying one of mine down with you today. But here is what I do know,

The plan that the Lord has for my life and yours is greater than any dreams we could have for ourselves

God is good. All the time. Every single time. No matter what you may have to face today, know that you are facing it with the Strong & Trustworthy Hope of Jesus Christ living in you. That means that the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in us! (Rom 8:11) If that spirit is powerful enough to raise Christ from the dead I have to believe that it can raise whatever it is that I feel like has died in my life as well. Does that mean it is going to look exactly like I thought or wanted it to look like? No… unless I somehow become pregnant and have a child in the next week or so… it’s not gonna happen😜 But I have to believe that He does know the desires of my heart, but even more so He knows the very best plan for my life and yours too… because He is good. Always.
πŸ’œ Ashley

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