Doing nothing, for the fear of doing the wrong thing is not the answer. I don’t know about you guys but I know I find myself at times afraid to step out and do something because I am not sure that is the exact plan of God for my life.. anyone relate? We get so caught up in avoiding what may be the wrong thing or the bad choice that we… do nothing at all. I am reading a great book with my life group called “Chasing Daylight”..We cannot see all that awaits us and we will never know unless we step into the moment and unleash what God has in store. – Chasing Daylight

Think back to the garden of Eden for a moment. Adam and Eve had a TON of right choices that they could have chosen.. there was just one that was the wrong choice. I think we can relate that to our daily lives… There may be one thing that comes across our path in a day that may be a bad choice, but how many good things and divine moments do we miss out on in 24 hours because we are afraid it may be the wrong thing???It is so easy to say, “Yes, I am walking with God, I am a Christ Follower” while we are really standing still. In order to walk or follow .. we must MOVE. Let’s not let divine moments pass us by today because we are afraid to make a mistake. Let’s move and really follow God.

❤ Ashley

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