Do you ever feel like you are doing and going and doing and going and doing and going and on and on and on…. I found myself at that place a few months ago. I had actually been living in that place for years but I just FOUND myself in that place a few months ago. We get so busy doing and going that we can lose track of ourselves and we become a robot to our schedule. Here was the challenging part for me… the stuff that I was doing and the places that I was going were all ministry related.. so that makes them a good thing than right???? My thinking was very, very wrong in this.I became a robot to my routine and schedule. I knew what I had to do when I woke up each day and I did it. End of story. There was a point when I only went home one night a week after work… the rest of the nights were filled with doing and going. I was exhausted, my relationship with God suffered, my physical health suffered, I just wanted to go home but I felt guilty because after all this was ministry this was for God. I needed to suck it up and do it for God! I had to wake up to the realization that I was doing these things for God, but God never told me to do these things… They were my passions and things I enjoyed and in ministry so I just kinda assumed that I was supposed to be doing them and that it was Gods plan.Gods plan for us is not to wear us out, exhaust us, have our relationship with him and physical health suffer. Never, ever, ever….ever is that Gods plan for our lives.A few weeks ago I had to come to a place where I had to make some very hard decisions. I had to learn that Gods plan for me was to simplify. I had to learn that right now for me at this point in my life less is more. Less doing and going meant more time with God, time to work out, eat better, build relationships with people and here is the big one… be happy and have fun and enjoy life… and not feel guilty about it.If you are at the point of exhaustion like I was and just kinda going through the motions of your life take a minute, stop for just one minute and examine your life. Have you become a lifeless robot to your schedule like I did? If so I really encourage you to ask God to show you the things you are doing that maybe you can let go of. I encourage you to simplify. I encourage you to do and go less and love and have fun and build relationships more. Gods plan for people is to go and love… how can we do that when we are so busy going and doing.. lifelessly.Less is more… simplify …. go and love.

Blessings<3 Ashley

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