Since When?

Since when I have I become so complacent in my life…. Since when have I forgotten and pushed aside my dreams…. Since when have I forgotten Who created me and what He says that I am… Since when have I decided to settle…. Since when have I woken up in the morning and not felt like reading or listening… I think since I decided to take control of my own life…. God forgive me… I don’t think I have ever written anything so honest on here.. or maybe ever before. I always try to be encouraging and share things that God is showing me or placing on my heart… but today is different.
I was so hesitant to share this with you all, but then I thought maybe someone else is going through a “Since when” type of season as well and this maybe could help, even if it just comforts you to know that you are not the only Christian or person going through this…
I don’t know that I have any great advice to give as am I walking through one of these seasons myself, but I do know two things that are really encouraging me today… 1: a really amazing friend of mine always told me that “Seasons are not governed by time but by revelation” So yes, I may be walking through this season right now, BUT God has totally revealed this to me which means I can choose to stay in this season or I can choose to grab a hold of His revelation and move on to the next season that He has been preparing for me… 2: A line to one of my favorite songs… ” And like a flood, His mercy reigns, unending Love, amazing Grace..” No matter what you have done or walked through or are currently doing… His mercy and grace cover us. All I can tell you as I am telling myself, is to run back to God. Seek Him. I promise you He is there, He is not the one that has left, it is us who have chosen to take our lives into our own hands.. He is there waiting for us to run back to Him. The amazing thing is that as soon as we turn around He is running toward us with arms open wide… waiting to pour his never-ending, unconditional love on us…I pray that some way this encourages someone today..
Blessings<3 Ashley

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