The Gift of Today

Since the holidays are around the corner I thought talking about  Presents would be SO fun! I mean maybe you want a pony, or a new car, or an iPad  or …… whatever it is! Presents are so fun to get!!! Ok well that is not really the “present” I am meaning to blog about today as you may have guessed.. haha. I watched a teaching from Pete Wilson last night and he made a statement that said this..

“Anxiety is simply living out the future before it gets here.” Pete Wilson.

I don’t know about you but I can make myself absolutely crazy and miserable and lose sleep and be grumpy and just have absolutely HORRIBLE days because I am constantly worrying or even thinking about the future.

Planning and setting goals for your future is a GREAT thing.. living in your future can make you a very unhappy person.

It’s so crazy to think about, but the very same passions and goals and dreams that we are so excited and passionate about and we think we just can’t wait for them to all happen…. can make us miserable, burnt out and exhausted. I have lived like that for a really long time…  When we constantly live in the future and think that once we have that dream job or get married or our ministry is taking off… then we will be happy.. we miss the Present that God is trying to give us every single day. When we live only focused on the future it can make us feel “less than” or not good enough or like we have not accomplished anything.. or we feel like a failure.I think a lot of us miss the John 10:10 abundant life because we chose to live in the future and we miss out on every single “Present” of Today that God is trying to give us.So I encourage you as well as myself to have that childlike, excited, expectant faith and tear open your Present of TODAY that God is giving you.. He has called us to Go and Love… if we could focus on doing that Today instead of what tomorrow or the next 5 years is going to hold for us, I think we would be more fulfilled and see more lives changed than ever before.<3 Ashley

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